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The 360 Experience


What is the 360 Photo Booth

The 360 photo booth or video booth can capture slow-motion videos from any angle. Guests are encouraged to walk up to the booth and stand on this circular platform that can hold up to 3 to 5 guests. A camera will then rotate capturing a one of a kind video incorporating video effects like slow motion video effects. During the session clients on the platform are encouraged to pose for the camera using fun photo booth props such as funny hats, glasses, signs, money gun, bubble gun and confetti. Using it's unique photo capture technology it will incorporate music, special video effects and a custom 360 photo booth overlay template. This will create a custom video unlike any other that will wow your guests.

The 360 photo booth also features technology like social sharing capabilities that will allow your guests to upload their videos via smartphone to platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. This photo booth will wow your guests and make you the rockstar of the party, perfect addition to any wedding, birthday party, or corporate event.

How does a 360 photo booth rental work?

When booking your 360 photo booth rental from us we incorporate everything in our package for your next event. Along with the 360 photo booth you will also receive professional led video lighting, fun prop table with signs, confetti, bubbles, and the money gun. An attendant will be supervising guaranteeing that guests have an amazing time and keeping control of the photo booth. Prior to the event clients are asked the specific details like choice of song and video effect to produce a cool HD quality video. The 360 photo booth is equipped with social sharing capabilities using an iPad pro device. Once the video is downloaded to the user or users, they can instantly upload their video to platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This video booth is compatibility with iPhone and Android users.

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The Twisted 360 Photo Booth Package

  • ​3 Hours

  • Stanchion set-up

  • 40' Viewing Screen

  • Large size platform

  • On-Site Professional Staff

  • Professional LED video lighting

  • HD Video, Video animation and Music

  • Prop table (Confetti, Bubble Guns, and more)

  • I-Pad Sharing Station (QR Code, SMS, Airdrop, & Email)​


Are 360 photo booths worth it?

The 360 photo booth is a perfect for weddings or birthday parties such as (sweet 16's or Quinceanera's). It gives your guests a chance to become the star and receive an experience they wouldn't get otherwise. It delivers a high quality video and can be downloaded and shared at events. At a wedding guests are able to instantly receive their videos where as a videographer will capture moments but will limit the people who see it.
Cost of a 360 photo booth is significantly lower than having a videographer. Also videos do not need to be edited before sent to your guests. They are edited with music, special effects and choice of song. Giving the 360 a push above the rest.

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