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Are Wedding Photo Booths Worth It?

Wedding Photo Booths

Are wedding photo booths worth it? Of course, they are! I’ve have done many weddings so far and at each one everyone has thanked me and told me how much fun they had. In a world where everyone wants to share their moments on social media or instant gratification, a photo booth is the perfect solution. Today’s photo booths have come along way over the years and are totally different from 20 years ago. Photo Booths will give your guests the power to be their own photographer and show off their photos as they party the night away. The bride and groom will also receive the all the photos at the end of the night, making their wedding even more special when they see all the pictures that were taking remembering the special day.

What Is The Magic Mirror Wedding Photo Booth?

The magic mirror photo booth is an open air photo booth that gives your guests a full interactive experience with a touch screen mirror. Guests can walk up to our magic mirror photo booth and see a custom start-up screen displaying photos of the bride and groom paired with animations. Guests then can touch the screen to start the photo booth experience. On screen animations will start a count down to the photo being taken. Everyone will have ten seconds in between each photo to select different photo booth props. The photo booth is paired with a beautiful backdrop matching the color theme to the wedding. Guests will receive their photos at the end within seconds using our high quality photo printer. Twisted Revolution offers unlimited photo prints guaranteeing each guest receive a copy.

Power To The People

Photo booths will give your guests the power to be their own photographer. During the night people are having a great time celebrating the newlywed’s special day, the photo booth is there for them to use. This will give every guest a chance to be their own photographer and express themselves. We offer a table of different photo booth props that people can be silly with and have a great time with. Guests won’t have to wait for photos to be sent to them after a photographer edits them and send them to the bride and groom a month later. People will receive their photos within seconds after they are taken and given copies if requested. Twisted Revolution Photo Booths also offers an online gallery, letting your guests download digital copies of their photos in real time. Giving your guests the power to upload their favorite photos on social media like Instagram or Facebook.

Capturing Special Moments

When you have a wedding photo booth, all your photos will be saved for you to remember for a lifetime. Twisted Revolution Photo booth also offers wedding photo albums with our magic mirror photo booth. Every photo that is taken, an extra copy will be printed and placed in a special wedding photo album. Guests can then write a special message along side their photo giving you a personalized wedding photo album at the end of the night to enjoy on your honeymoon. Along side the photo album we also offer a USB drive with all the photos taken that night as well. The digital photos will give you the option to create copies later or create an online collage, making your wedding day extra special.


Planning a wedding is difficult, expensive and takes months and months of planning. Hopefully, you only get married once and have your happy ever after life. Why not capture as many moments you can effortlessly with a photo booth. A photo booth will give your guests a joyful experience and printed photos that night. You will have a quality and high rated photo booth company making sure everyone is having a great time while you and your new partner enjoy the night. Check one less thing off your wedding list by giving us a call. Once you book Twisted Revolution Photo Booth for your wedding, be prepared to have a great photo booth experience.


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